New Business Contacts

Companies providing services in the fields of products, services and consultancy in the iron and steel and other metal sectors come together with many local and foreign visitors in their target audience. You will open the door to new business connections in our virtual exhibition area, where you can view all the details of the exhibitors and communicate. ExpoFENOFEM, which is accessible throughout the year, will be visible in relevant media channels all over the world thanks to the Press and Communication Directorate of Karabük Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Virtual Journey to Metal

Many different developments in the world and in our country in recent years necessitate change in the functioning of the industry and therefore in its security. In this context, two important symposiums organized by Karabük University, a platform where new approaches will be discussed with the support and participation of industrial organizations, public institutions, universities and NGOs will meet with you.

"Digital Transformation"

The most effective way to adapt to the new normal and be ready for change according to future innovations is undoubtedly through a properly formed Digital Transformation program. The iron-steel and metal industries that set out to the digital production age will also find the opportunity to develop their commercial and communication channels through digital means.

B2B Digital Virtual Fair

We present the companies with their current products, videos, images and requests to the visitors. Our virtual fair is enriched with collaboration offers and purchase requests. Communication and B2B infrastructure pave the way for commercial meetings. Our strength and our export potential production will be brought to the center of Turkey's iron and steel and metal shopping world trade.

From block to hall, From hall to booth, From stand to product

Our fair brings together the up-to-date, company profiles and products with both demands and offers. It provides you fast access from block to hall, from hall to stand, from stand to product. Click on the "all products" tab in the top menu to access all products.

Reach constantly

Access the products both from the stands and from the search / filter database. The accounts of visitors and participating companies are always open on

Emblem Symbols: Iron, Steel, Metal Alloys

Pınar Atlı Danapınar, the designer based on the colors that the ore takes before and after the heat treatment, says, "I thought of steel, which has a stronger structure by combining with some other metals such as manganese in its alloy, and I formed a structure that is strengthened by articulation. The common element and the strengthening aspect is carbon on the common surfaces.