Expo Fenofem 2022

The 2nd International Fenofem Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metals Industry Virtual Fair, which was completed with the cooperation of Karabük Chamber of Commerce and Industry & Karabük University, starts on 31 March-4 April 2022. Companies that offer products, services and consultancy services in the Iron Steel and other metal sectors will come together again this year. Take your place in Virtual Journey to Metal.

Model Industry Virtual Fair

Our model virtual fair, which is also a reflection of Turkey's digital vision and strong production power, continues to introduce companies to the world in 7 languages with its B2B platform globalpiyasa.com digital database membership. This year, many opportunities such as events, sectorally grouped halls, 3D stands, digital business card leaving, 24/7 access, and international interaction are waiting for our exhibitors and visitors this year.

Karabuk University Symposium

The "International Light Alloys and Composite Materials Symposium" to be held by Karabuk University will take place simultaneously with the virtual fair. The Symposium includes academics who are experts in their field, as well as companies engaged in production, export and raw material procurement in the ferrous and non-ferrous metal sector, TSOs, associations, universities and other public institutions; It will bring together R&D companies.

What the Emblem Symbolizes: Iron, Steel, Metal Alloys

For the work of designer Pınar Atlı Danapınar, which is based on the image of the molecular structure of iron and the colors of the metal before and after heat treatment; "Because it has a stronger structure by combining and integrating with some other metals such as manganese in the steel alloy, a structure that is strengthened by articulation has been created. The volumes also have a cellular structure. This symbolizes the positioning of the companies in the fairground due to the structure of the fairground. It was thought that the theme of 'togetherness' was appropriate as a point of departure”.

B2B Digital Virtual Fair

We present the companies with their current products, videos, images and requests to the attention of the visitors. Our virtual fair is enriched with cooperation offers and purchase requests. Communication and B2B infrastructure paves the way for commercial meetings. Our production power and export potential brings Turkey's iron-steel and metal trade to the center of world trade.

From the block to the hall, from the hall to the stand, From the stand to the product

Our fair brings together the up-to-date with company profiles and products, both with demands and offers. It provides quick access from the block to the hall, from the hall to the stand, from the stand to the product. To access all products, click the "all products" tab in the top menu.

Reach out constantly

Access the products both through the stands and from the search/filtering database. The accounts of both visitors and participating companies are always open on globalpiyasa.com.